Welcome to the new website, still in construction. New Episodes late 2021!

New website under construction. New Episodes in late 2021! This podcast is about you joining in on...

...a veteran’s peppy 1/2-hour interviews with activists and scholars changing public conversations on peace & security by Unmasking Militarism, Creating a Culture of Conscience, Including War as a Respect Life issue, & Promoting a Just Peace Ethic.

About the Host

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Thad Crouch

Content creator, salesman, marketer, speaker, & veteran-turned justice, peace, and Consistent Life Ethic activist.

The former U.S. Army Expert Infantryman has over 25 years of volunteer and paid experience in peace, justice, life, labor, climate, & nonviolence activism with Veterans For Peace, Austin Against War, JustFaith, Pax Christi, Alliance for Affordable Energy, St. Ignatius Martyr Respect Life Ministry, Religion & Labor Network of Austin, and the Austin Center for Peace & Justice. He has assisted Conscientious Objectors with the National Lawyers Guild Military Task Force and has written in Life Matters Journal, the Conference of Major Superiors of Men's Justice & Peace (Catholic) Homily Resources, and both Rehumanize International's and the Consistent Life Network's blogs. This kilt-clad Star Wars and superhero nerd cools off from the Texas heat by snorkeling with snapping turtles.