...a veteran’s peppy 1/2-hour interviews with activists and scholars changing public conversations on peace & security by Unmasking Militarism, Creating a Culture of Conscience, Including War as a Respect Life issue, & Promoting a Just Peace Ethic.

About the Host

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Thad Crouch

Content creator, salesman, marketer, speaker, & veteran-turned justice, peace, and Consistent Life Ethic activist.

The former U.S. Army Expert Infantryman has over 25 years of volunteer and paid experience in peace, justice, life, labor, climate, & nonviolence activism with Veterans For Peace, Austin Against War, JustFaith, Pax Christi, Alliance for Affordable Energy, St. Ignatius Martyr Respect Life Ministry, Religion & Labor Network of Austin, and the Austin Center for Peace & Justice. He has assisted Conscientious Objectors with the National Lawyers Guild Military Task Force and has written in Life Matters Journal, the Conference of Major Superiors of Men's Justice & Peace (Catholic) Homily Resources, and both Rehumanize International's and the Consistent Life Network's blogs. This kilt-clad Star Wars and superhero nerd cools off from the Texas heat by snorkeling with snapping turtles.